Fujitsu Heat Pump - Floor Console

fujitsu floor.png

Double Auto Swing
Combination of up/down and left/right air direction swing allows three-dimensional air direction control.

fujitsu floor 1.png

Wired Controller Features (Optional UTB-TUD)
Various timer set up options
7 day Timer with 2 ON settings and 2 OFF settings per day and DAY OFF option
Temperature Set-Back Timer allows you to set a different temperature during a programmed ON time
Filter Maintenance Display
Memory back-up setting: In the event of a power failure, battery back up of the wall controller

Super Vane
The double-louver “super vane” boosts the air flow, sending warm air quickly to every corner of the room.

Auto-closing Louver
This function is common to all indoor unit types except the duct type.

Flexible installation
Can also be installed immediately below the ceiling.

Super Efficient
Blue Energy Star ratings are awarded to selected elite heat pumps that meet a higher level of energy efficiency. At Fujitsu we pride ourselves on value for money and strive to achieve the best, ensuring our models are ranked amongst the best of the best is peace of mind we pass on to you.