Panasonic Heat Pump - Wall Mounted Deluxe

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Wall Mounted Deluxe

Warm, cool, and clean the air in your home with the compact 2-in-1 Deluxe E-series, featuring integrated air purifier - delivering healthier air, greater comfort, surprisingly efficient operation, and fine temperature control year-round.

Features Overview

  • Inverter power and efficiency
  • 2.05-4.40kW nominal Cooling capacity
  • 2.80-5.50kW nominal Heating capacity
  • 2-in-1 system with independent e-Ion Air Purification System
  • Extra quiet operation
  • Wide & Long Airflow Vane
  • Longer life outdoor units with Blue Fin condenser

Highly efficient Energy Star-rated single Inverter split heat pump with up to 7.1kW capacity output, built-in independent air purifier, wide & long airflow, and extra-quiet operation.

Panasonic’s flagship single-split Inverter heat pump range, the Deluxe E-series, is naturally elegant and efficient. It also provides 2-in-1 value: you’ll enjoy heating and cooling through the air conditioning system and cleaner, healthier air thanks to the integrated air purification system.

These Wall-Mounted Deluxe models provide plenty of heating and cooling power, and with Wide & Long Airflow Vanes, they’ll distribute air further, faster-  without making a lot of noise. In fact, they also feature industry-leading quiet operation for greater comfort. You might not even hear it working - but with up to 5.0kW of cooling and 7.1kW of heating output power, you’ll certainly notice it! Activating Quiet Mode reduces the sound of the Indoor Unit to a mere 22dB (21dB when cooling) - helping you get a good night’s sleep. In fact, 22dB is as quiet as the soothing sound of leaves very gently rustling in a tree. And the matching Outdoor Unit can be set to run as quietly as the sound level in a library (42dB) - letting your neighbours sleep in peace, too.

The high level of comfort continues with the built-in air purification system, featuring a revolutionary new Ion Charging mechanism that catches dust particles and brings them back to the filter. The air purification system can even be used with or without operating the heat pump system.

And thanks to Panasonic Inverter technology, all the benefits of an Inverter system are present - including quick comfort thanks to powerful output right from the start; and quiet, efficient, energy-saving operation thanks to flexible power control. In fact, Inverter technology makes the Deluxe E-Series so efficient, it earns up to 6 stars on the Energy Efficiency rating scale.