Green E-Pack


Just how does The Green E Pack work?

The Green E pack work much like a fridge but in reverse, generating  heat! They harness the warm air inside your roof then multiplying this heat to heat the water at a fraction of the energy of a traditional hot water cylinder. 

With being able to absorb heat in such extreme weather conditions, it means The Green E Pack works all year round when your roof is in sunshine, at night, in rain, hail and even snow!
A home with The Green E Pack installed should expect to save up to 80% on their hot water heating, when compared to a standard hot water cylinder.

How the Process works 

  • Firstly a fan pulls roof space air, containing heat energy, across the evaporator in the Green E Pack. 

  • The evaporator absorbs the heat and turns the liquid refrigerant into a warm gas.

  • The compressor then converts the refrigerant into high temp / high pressure gas.

  • The hot gas inside the condenser is then passed through a heat exchanger

  • One the other side of the heat exchanger is water out of your hot water cylinder

  • Because the refrigerant is hotter than the water the heat travels from the refrigerant into the water increasing the temperature. 

  • The refrigerant is then cooled flowing back to the evaporator to start the process again.

  • This continues until your water reaches the desired set point of 55c at the bottom of your cylinder.

Benefits include:

  • Saving up to 80% on your hot water bill

  • Quick payback period/return on investment

  • Retrofits to any hot water cylinder

  • No council consent required

  • High-quality  water circulation pump

  • Proven quality and reliability.

  • Manufactured to a high ISO900 standard

  • Internationally recognised brand

  • No risk of overheating

  • No risk of freezing

  • No loss of performance over time

  • Only two moving parts

  • works 24/7, 365 days a year

  • No glass or other fragile material

  • Small compact internal unit

  • Environmentally friendly renewable energy

  • Significantly reduces carbon emissions

  • High-performance heat exchanger

  • Works all year round unlike solar hot water