Bosca Limit 380 Wood Fire

Bosca Limit 380 Wood Fire »

The economically priced Limit 380 is the top selling model in the Bosca Wood Fire range thanks to its excellent efficiency rating coupled with a conventional pedestal look and generous size. Read More »

Bosca Spirit 550 Black

Bosca Spirit 550 Black »

The Bosca Spirit 550 fireplace with black sides, renowned as the Black Beauty of wood fires, offers more than what meets the eye. Read More »

Fisher Hanmer Wood Fire

Fisher Hanmer Wood Fire »

Fisher Traditional fires have been warming New Zealand homes for decades. Originally from Canada, the proven design features remain unchanged and will fit any décor. Read More »

Jayline FR300

Jayline FR300 »

Jayline’s latest wood fire with more features than any other fire in its class. Read More »

Jayline FR400

Jayline FR400 »

The all new Jayline FR400 combines the most sought after features of any wood fire with a 20kW heat output rating. Read More »

Jayline Spitfire Wood Fire

Jayline Spitfire Wood Fire »

When you buy a Jayline fire you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from owning a superior product. Our dedicated team has a steadfast commitment to producing fires that are efficient and affordable for New Zealanders. Read More »

Jayline SS200L

Jayline SS200L »

The choice for smaller homes or heating a single room, the SS200L has a compact firebox with 6mm steel construction, a great cooktop and a wetback option for rural properties. Read More »

Jayline Walltherm Wood Fire

Jayline Walltherm Wood Fire »

Jayline is proud to bring the first of the new generation, ultra low emission wood burners, to New Zealand. Read More »

Metro Fires Euro Rad

Metro Fires Euro Rad »

The stylish Euro Rad features a curved front with a generous cooktop and a panoramic door glass ensures the perfect flame view from any angle. Read More »

Metro Fires Extreme Rad

Metro Fires Extreme Rad »

The big brother of the Wee Rad now offers both pedestal base and leg options. A cleaner and hotter burn with a larger door glass enhancing the flame view. Read More »

Metro Fires R2

Metro Fires R2 »

The naked ambition of the R2 wood fire delivers true radiant heat that will outperform all expectations with a 20kW peak heat output. Read More »

Metro Fires Smart Insert

Metro Fires Smart Insert »

Less is more with the Smart Insert. Minimal detailing and clean lines place the Smart well in any home. Read More »

Metro Fires Tiny Ped

Metro Fires Tiny Ped »

esigned to heat smaller homes and open areas. The Tiny Ped has the smallest footprint with corner and wall clearances of only 25mm and 60mm respectively. Read More »

Metro Fires Tiny Rad

Metro Fires Tiny Rad »

The Tiny Rad is the smallest Rad in the Metro lineup and stands proudly on legs. Perfect for smaller sized homes or the weekend bach. Read More »

Metro Fires Wee Ped

Metro Fires Wee Ped »

New for the 2015 season, the Wee Ped features the same heat output as it’s Wee Series siblings. Its 15kW peak heat output will drive out the winter cold while its modern design sits well with any homes decor. Read More »

Woodsman Tarris MkIII

Woodsman Tarris MkIII »

A high-output makes it ideal for open plan areas and large rooms while its rugged construction, made here in New Zealand by local company Harris Home Fires, make it unmatched for reliability and longevity. Read More »

Woodsman Tasman MkII

Woodsman Tasman MkII »

Incorporating the same design and features of the Tarras but in a more compact unit, the Woodsman Tasman was designed to heat homes with Medium to large sized Living areas. Read More »

Woodsman Totara Insert

Woodsman Totara Insert »

The Totara is a variant of our very successful IBS that goes back to about 2002 and beyond before the days of clean air, but of course the Totara now meets the ECAN and NES requirements. Read More »

Yunca Hobson - Wood Fire

Yunca Hobson - Wood Fire »

HOBSON is the pinnacle of classic country elegance combined with all the modern day functionality of today’s technology. Read More »

Yunca Wegj - Wood Fire

Yunca Wegj - Wood Fire »

WEGJ has a conscience. It’s environmentally friendly both inside and outside your home. Read More »

Yunca Xander Insert

Yunca Xander Insert »

The latest launch in our Yunca range; Xander is a clean air insert wood burner that suits both modern new builds as well as retrofitting into an existing inbuilt fireplace. Read More »