Mitsubishi Heat Pump - High Wall

New Zealand’s Quietest Heat Pumps*
Unique Energy Saving Features
New Programmable 7-Day Timer
The new MSZ-GE Series features New Zealand’s two quietest Heat Pumps at
just 19 dBA* as well as industry leading quietness across all models. Increased
energy efficiency across the range combined with new energy saving features
including i-save mode and Econo Cool ensure the highest level of energy
efficiency without compromising on performance or quality.
The MSZ-GE60/71/80 also include a fully programmable 7-Day timer contained
in the handheld remote to allow up to four pattern settings for each day of the
week. This control ensures your heat pump fits around your lifestyle, saving both
time and money

The new MSZ-GE Series features the two quietest Heat
Pumps available in New Zealand.
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new fan speed rating system. The
new lowest setting is called “Quiet” fan speed and is the equivalent to low
fan speed in the previous MSZ-GA/GB Series. This new rating system has
allowed Mitsubishi Electric to produce even quieter Heat Pumps, in fact
the MSZ-GE25 and MSZ-GE33 are New Zealand’s Quietest Heat Pumps
at just 19 dB(A) on their lowest fan speed (Quiet).
This means even on Quiet fan speed you can be assured these heat
pumps will not compromise on home comfort.

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