Fujitsu Heat Pump - Amazing Nocria

These elegant units are designed to sit very high on the wall, just 40mm below the ceiling and remain very unobtrusive. They have vastly improved heating and cooling efficiency and energy saving, an automatic self cleaning filter system that ensures highly efficient operation plus the UV filter to disinfect and deodorise the air.

Our Unique Technology that Achieved Top Energy Efficiency in The Industry

  1. Energy saving by automatic filter cleaning function a world first! This function allows an energy saving of more than 25% a year and maintains a smooth air flow by preventing the filters from being clogged with dust.
  2. Computer-designed fan provides a larger airflow than conventional models.
  3. Axial gap fan motor is more compact with more power output compared to conventional motors, enables high power and efficiency, lower vibration and noise emissions - a world first!

Automatic Filter Clean
Automatic filter clean blurb: Entire filter is cleaned automatically in approximately 2 minutes. Three exhaustive sterilising and deodorising counter measures keep the air in the room fresh feeling.

Sterilizing Counter Measure

  1. Dirt and dust are thoroughly sterilised by a titan apatite filter.
  2. Drives away bacteria and refreshes the air by UV (ultraviolet rays) illumination - world first!
  3. The heat exchanger also uses titan apatite - which attracts bacteria and mould spores.

Super Quiet
Fujitsu gives you unbeatable quietness from just 24 decibels, while still maintaining the desired temperature.

Super Efficient
Blue Energy Star ratings are awarded to selected elite heat pumps that meet a higher level of energy efficiency. At Fujitsu we pride ourselves on value for money and strive to achieve the best, ensuring our models are ranked amongst the best of the best is peace of mind we pass on to you.

TESAW Award Winners AWTZ18LBC
The TESAW is given to products that are recognised as the most efficient star rated products on the market.

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