About HeatCo

HeatCo values are built on integrity and an understanding that square pegs don’t fit in round holes. Therefore the team will not recommend or install a product which doesn’t suit your specific requirements.

As a HeatCo guarantee, Stefan personally measures homes and commercial spaces himself and his wealth of knowledge provides reassurance that your new heating or water system will deliver.

HeatCo are Dunedin’s locally owned heating, services and repair specialist and assist with:

Heat Pumps Dunedin

With such a large range of heat pumps available, HeatCo offer genuine and practical advice to deliver a high performing Heat Pump that will be both cost effective and efficient.heatpump

Our Heat Pump range includes:

  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic

Gas Water Heating

Designed for high performance in any condition, the latest gas water systems are ground breaking in style and performance. Improved energy efficiency and a high level of water flow; gas water heating is perfect for those who demand high levels of hot water.

Gas Water HeatingOur range includes:

  • Continuous Flow
  • Cylinder Units
  • Combo Units

Gas Fires Dunedin

A quality gas fire will create ambience and a consistent temperate in your environment. The latest combination in technology and design means your gas fire can be a quiet and conspicuous performer or be a commanding design feature in your home or commercial property.

Gas Our range includes:


  • Inbuilt
  • Free Standing
  • Outdoor


  • Indoor
  • Free Standing


Wood BurnerWood Burners Dunedin

Fires that are smart and elegant with sophisticated styling. From wood burners that are 50% more efficient to clever multi-burners that warm whilst being environmentally conscious.

We have qualified installers and have a range of Wood Burners in our Dunedin Showroom.

Our ranges include:

Wood fireBosca